Jungle Goal$ – Video slot Game

Jungle Goal$ Gameplay

This Video Slot game has 9 fixed pay lines. It includes two types of wild symbols – one that completes a missing combination and one that triples the winnings on a pay line (Wildx3)

All the symbols pay left to right on consecutive reels of an active pay line (starting with the leftmost reel), except the Pick Me game and Scatter symbol. All winnings are multiplied by the bet per line, except the Pick Me game and Scatter symbol. Only the highest win will be paid on each of the active pay lines. A winning combination of wild symbols does not pay anything by itself. Wins on different pay lines are added together.

The symbols are 10 consisting of 5 kinds of parrots with the green parrot being the highest in value and 5 other symbols: a trumpet, a flag, 2 feathers, a football ball, and a whistle.

There is a “Pick me” feature available which offers a prize to choose from – when the two highest in value parrots appear on the center of reel 1 and 5 simultaneously, you can choose one of them and you will win a prize.

The player’s percentage of theoretical expected return (RTP) is 95.00% but can be 94.00%, depending on the number of wagers placed with Restricted Funds, free spins or Free Plays.

Manufacturer of the game is Random Logic. This is a 5-Reel game with 3 rows.

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Online Casino Apps for iOS and Android

Online casino play now lettering on smartphone screen and flying golden coins

You can even write your own application for an online casino, for as long as you have the needed knowledge in programming and cracking. The legality of such actions could be put under question though.

You can always pay a pack of cigarettes for someone to smuggle a fancy and quite smelly phone for you in jail, but freedom is preferable and that is why you can access and download official applications from the Apple store and or Google Play for IOS and Android devices respectively.

In case you Traded a bag of Money for an Android, read the Following Text.

A lot of online casinos offer their own applications. Through them, you can access the full functionalities of the casino and receive some additional benefits, such as ease of payment. For Android devices, the main software hub is the Google Play store.

From there you can download every casino’s application, for as long as they have shared it on the platform. To make the process even easier, usually, casinos put a link to the Google Play page on the bottom of their site, which places you two clicks away from having the application on your phone.

In case you Traded a Kidney for an iPhone, read the Following Text. 

The Apple Store is your one-stop shop for all software iOS related, online casino applications included. Much like with the Android devices, most casinos will have a direct link to the Apple store on the bottom of their site.

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Mobile Gambling Opportunities

Overhead view of poker table with red dices, casino chips and smartphone

A few suggestions of good places, techniques, and technologies, which may prove invaluable in your betting experience. Without further ado, let us get on with the topic.

Where to Find Mobile Gambling Opportunities

Everywhere. Do you have a favorite land-based casino? Why not check their website for online casino options? A friend of yours will not stop bragging about making money on some online casino? First check the casino’s authenticity and then, dwell right into it. You do not have friends to make suggestions to you? Ask Google, DuckDuckGo, or any other search engine. Simply type “Online Casino” or “Mobile Casino” and Sesame suddenly opens before you, with all its hidden riches. There are so many casino apps for mobile devices.

You do not believe in the internet, but still want to do some online gambling? Even though such a view on life is kind of self-contradictory, on one will judge you on it. Especially not in casinos. Go to the nearest establishment which fancies your delicate tastes and ask the cashier if the casino supports online and mobile gambling options. People really like answering questions which have nothing to do with their immediate responsibilities at the workplace, it is like a short break from mundanity, so you will be doing someone a favor while gaining reliable insider intel.

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Big Players’ Club – Online Casino VIP Programs Explained

Online casino lettering, wheel of fortune with money prizes bets and four aces

All of us are human here, so you know the story that I am about to share. There is a tree house, it is spacious, sturdy and reveals the whole neighborhood before your eyes. It is like a personal Eifel’s tower in someone’s. You want to go there, to climb it and be friends with everyone in it, but there is a problem. They think that you are not cool enough.

Even though you always bring milk and cookies, it is somehow not enough, so you are left rolling in the dew beneath, while the cool kids are playing at the treehouse. Casinos have something like that. Their own personal little treehouses where they only administer the grown-up equivalent of the cool kid. Sometimes it is called “Members’ Club”, other times “VIP Club”, sometimes just the usual “Loyalty Program”, but it always amounts to some being there and others not.

How to get in this Club?

In order to become part of a casino’s loyalty program, you should show that you are pretty invested into investing into it. This, of course, happens through wagers. The more you wager, the more points you receive. After a certain threshold, you have done it.

No matter if it is a three, four or any other arbitrary combination of digits, the rope ladder descends before you and your way to the treehouse club is open. What happens next? You receive some small comforts, the most common of which is the higher exchange rate for your wager towards membership points. Everything else depends on the casino you are playing at and should be thoroughly explained at their “Member’s Club” or similar section. There are also a few surprises.

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