Big Players’ Club – Online Casino VIP Programs Explained

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All of us are human here, so you know the story that I am about to share. There is a tree house, it is spacious, sturdy and reveals the whole neighborhood before your eyes. It is like a personal Eifel’s tower in someone’s. You want to go there, to climb it and be friends with everyone in it, but there is a problem. They think that you are not cool enough.

Even though you always bring milk and cookies, it is somehow not enough, so you are left rolling in the dew beneath, while the cool kids are playing at the treehouse. Casinos have something like that. Their own personal little treehouses where they only administer the grown-up equivalent of the cool kid. Sometimes it is called “Members’ Club”, other times “VIP Club”, sometimes just the usual “Loyalty Program”, but it always amounts to some being there and others not.

How to get in this Club?

In order to become part of a casino’s loyalty program, you should show that you are pretty invested into investing into it. This, of course, happens through wagers. The more you wager, the more points you receive. After a certain threshold, you have done it.

No matter if it is a three, four or any other arbitrary combination of digits, the rope ladder descends before you and your way to the treehouse club is open. What happens next? You receive some small comforts, the most common of which is the higher exchange rate for your wager towards membership points. Everything else depends on the casino you are playing at and should be thoroughly explained at their “Member’s Club” or similar section. There are also a few surprises.

The Surprise

Upon ascending the rope ladder, you sit down at the first available spot. It does not take you long to realize that you are sitting on a Bronze colored mat, while others are sitting on Silver, Gold, Diamond and Elite (whatever color this is).

The people on the differently colored mats receive better treatment. Some of them get more monthly bonuses, others even have a personal financial assistant. To escape the metaphor, these are the different tiers of the members’ club. The higher you are, the better treatment you receive. Sadly, the higher you climb, the more you have to spend to keep yourself there. Usually, to keep your status, you have to wager a certain amount of money each month or trimester. If you benefit from the special attention, it may actually be the thing for you.

Three things in life are inevitable – death, taxes and bonuses at online casinos. Special promotions prowl the internet and await newcomers in order to swarm them with infinite percentages, paybacks and deposit offers. This ordeal may be quite confusing for people who are not familiar with bonuses and special promotions. That is why it is recommended that you always read the terms and condition of each promotional offer to know what to expect if you accept a bonus or a similar offer.

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