Online Casino Apps for iOS and Android

Online casino play now lettering on smartphone screen and flying golden coins

You can even write your own application for an online casino, for as long as you have the needed knowledge in programming and cracking. The legality of such actions could be put under question though.

You can always pay a pack of cigarettes for someone to smuggle a fancy and quite smelly phone for you in jail, but freedom is preferable and that is why you can access and download official applications from the Apple store and or Google Play for IOS and Android devices respectively.

In case you Traded a bag of Money for an Android, read the Following Text.

A lot of online casinos offer their own applications. Through them, you can access the full functionalities of the casino and receive some additional benefits, such as ease of payment. For Android devices, the main software hub is the Google Play store.

From there you can download every casino’s application, for as long as they have shared it on the platform. To make the process even easier, usually, casinos put a link to the Google Play page on the bottom of their site, which places you two clicks away from having the application on your phone.

In case you Traded a Kidney for an iPhone, read the Following Text. 

The Apple Store is your one-stop shop for all software iOS related, online casino applications included. Much like with the Android devices, most casinos will have a direct link to the Apple store on the bottom of their site.

In case such a link is not located, you can always open the Apple Store application and write the name of the casino in the search bar. The process of finding and installing the application is so simple, that even such a superficial explanation suffices for it.

Reason “X” I do not have Access to the Store “Y”

Maybe you used a Nigerian proxy server to download limited content, maybe you tried to sell certified “Drying your cat in the microwave” guides on the store. In any case, you did something, and you got banned.

Maybe you are just distrustful of corporations and their open willingness to sell your personal information, life, memories, and identity to anyone who throws a handful of coins at them. The reasons why you do not want to or cannot interact with your device’s official software vendor are completely yours, but the effect is always the same.

Falter not, as many online casinos offer you the opportunity to directly download their application from their site, or have a dedicated QR code, which takes you to a download page. In any case, there are multiple ways of circumventing the big application vendors and a short online search will always reveal them to you.

Are you Rethinking your Opinion on Online Betting and Browsers?

Rejoice! As it was mentioned in the previous paragraphs, a lot of sites have optimized their content for use by handheld devices.

The story does not end there. HTML5, the newest version of the language on which all sites are written, is a major improvement on all previous releases.

With version 5, a lot of the capabilities of script languages, such as JavaScript, have been implemented into the language, thus offering the ability to create visually pleasing experiences with no additional knowledge needed and much increased productivity, as no third-party programs are invoked in the workings of the site.

Besides that, HTML5’s canvas has been improved to the level, where stunning 2D and 3D images and animations may be integrated into the page, without the need of relying on Flash or any similar software. This also increases the productivity and speed of the site.

The evolution of HTML has given developers the opportunity to completely integrate games on their sites, regardless of the device they are running on and the software it supports. For as long as you can open the page, you have access to its complete functionality. Such possibilities have not been available ever before and soon, the browser experience may become even more preferable than downloading the dedicated application of an online casino.

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